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Rules for Safely Crossing the Street

Most of us were taught, as children, how to properly cross the street. The rules have been forgotten now that we are grown up. Crossing the street with all the distraction is what is happening now. When we are not paying attention when we cross the street, then pedestrian accidents happen. Pedestrians that get killed in car crashes each year has reached to thousands. So, this is an important issues to consider.

Below are some things that you need to remember when crossing the street in a safe and secure way.

Studies have shown that people 75 years or older die from pedestrian-related accidents more than other age groups. And this is because it is more difficult for them to recover from injuries with their frailer bones and weaker immune systems. These people find it difficult to cross the street because of impaired vision, declining mental function, or reduced physical activity. This is the reason why you need to take extra precaution if you are in this age group. Make sure to follow all traffic rules and make yourself very visible when crossing the street.

Crossing the street properly involves following basic steps.

Crosswalks are there to designate places where you can cross; be sure to use them. Jaywalking is against the rules; don’t do it even if there are no cars on the road.

If there is no sidewalk available and you are walking on the road to your destination, make sure to face the traffic.

Stop for a moment when you are at an intersection. Check for cars close to you when you are stepping off a curb to make sure that they are not turning the corner. And if you are crossing the street at night, make sure to wear reflective gear and carry a flashlight.

But even if you follow all these rules, you can still fall victim to an accident if a motorist is not following traffic rules or paying attention. if you find yourself in an accident that was not your fault, then you should follow these car accident steps to ensure the best results.

If is possible to feel unsafe crossing the street even if you are following the best rules. You can bring this matter up to your government officials. You can make some requests including installing more speed bumps, enforcing traffic rules clearly and consistently, creating zones designated for safety walking. Make your voice heard and advocate for the changes you want to see. This can help save a life, including yours.

While street crossing may be a small matter to you, remember that thousands die each year simply crossing the street and so you need to be careful because it might happen to you too. So, when you are out crossing the street, remember these rules.

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